Cables and more cables!

In Australia , there they are! all this cables , low and high ones, sparese and oerfectly alined , completely  entangled and loose.

I missed them a little in New zealand.

I also realized the far north doesnt have advertising and those ugly billboard!

Bliss it was – yet maybe there wasnt the odd quirky shot of the abandonned this or that over there.

So there I have some cables and I like them, especially with  stunning birds on them..when I can catch them.

Pity for the muggy sky.

That said I wasnt too fond of the south sydney coast line, too crowded for my liking.

I think I have developed a ever more pronounced loner streak.

Yet I am to decide whether I prefer the sea or the mountains….writing thos from the blue mountains….

I think it wil be the sea, as mountains thed to get cold in winter – or lack those magnificent sunrises and sunsets.

Speaking of which, I havent had an outsdtanding sunrise or a sunset  since coming down under.

This is  one of the best in OZ .

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Visual Artist - Story teller - Outdoor enthousiast - Lady Yellow
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