Blue Mountains, Grey Sky

On my way from Sydney to Blue Mountains I had to stop at Cronulla, 34.02 ….

Ugly ….terrible…..

Therfore I had to find a nice way to show it…..from afar …..and with sydney too!

Cronulla right, sydney left

The blue mountains are really Blue….

And I had them with a dark grey sky.


And of course windy roads to get  there…and I wont talk about the road I took to leave , taking me through the forest and as deadly and narrow as the ATlas mountain roads back in the days of no motorway in Morocco.

There was something about hiking under a dark grey sky – with  storms looming and the wonderful light when the sun peaks out.


And of course having the feet in the mud – hmmm..such a childish pleasure….tactile with nature


The Youth Hostel in Katoomba is really nice – it was a a pleasure to meet Christiane on her way to Brisbane.

She had a wonderful expression for the Australian weather forecats: as reliable as the memory of an Alzheimer patient!

At least the rain seems to slow down on the second and last day and the sky did try for a sunset….

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2 Responses to Blue Mountains, Grey Sky

  1. Jonatan says:


    We met in the Blue Mountains (couple on the lookout), and you told us about your page. I recognized it, and now I’m sure – I’ve been visiting it before 😉 Good luck on your way to Perth (if you’re still going)!

    • Malika says:

      Oh Hey! That’s very cool to get in touch! It was lovely meeting you in the lovely spot .
      As you see I am a little slow in updating even if I am in Adelaide already..;)
      Yes I am headed to Perth ….

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