Tea and sunset on the way to Canberra

From Katoomba to Canberra, via the mountain roads, since the motorway  west is  closed in various sections because of floods.

Windy again and as deadly as those of the Atlas Mountains.I did get many wonderful rainbows.

I stopped at a trucker place – and Ahmed , from Lebanon, realising I spoke Arabic , was more than happy to offer me tea and chat a little.


I heard a few stories – including one of the historical events that happened here in Bathurst but are not spoken about in regards to the Aborgines.

this is one dark side of Australia

In Goulburn the rain was torrential.

Eventually it cleared and as I  was approaching Canberra I have at last a sunset!

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2 Responses to Tea and sunset on the way to Canberra

  1. indiginz says:

    they should ‘start’ to talk about it. admit that they committed the most atrocious acts against human beings.
    the sunset is beautiful, a sign the weather will change soon? hopefully

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