Tourist Stuff and Encounters

When I stay in Youth Hostels or when I go to pick up a map at a information centre , of course I get told all these must do’s.

Now I am gdeveloping a little allergy to the must see lookouts – prepared for you , the touristic attractions and the tours.
Something is very unnatural.
Sure you need to know a bit so you can go otherwise you may miss the whole place – but surely there is something about the surprise encounter, the wandering and finding…
plus what one man thinks is wow and a must see may be completely boring to me and vice versa….
( cables anyone?)

I still went to the Scenic World as they call it in the Blue mountains…mainly beceause I was told there was a hiking trail going down a long set of stairs into a valley ….

Okay , the stairs are cool and its fun going down like that, a little scary if you are affraid of heights, and the landscape is stunning.

” Scenic World” …. with a name like that it has the same appeal as disneyland.

Scenic world, a building with an entrance like a big mouth, engulfing  the punters to show them a world beyond this world, which is in fact , is merely this very world  – put in a frame : scenic – and behind glass :gondola or train.

Otherwise invisible.

Big babies then with toys called cameras,  you put them on a fun ride : a train or a gondola, tell them what to do what to look at , where to walk….

The valley was a suspended wooded walkway with ” sculptures…thatdid look like kindergartenfurnitures…

Something is not quite right  – the very good book Blubberland From Farelly keeps coming to mind, every day here even more so than in USA.

Thank god I met this wonderful couple – Keith and Louise.

Louise is a bubble of positive energy and Keith a great sense of humour.
louise won me over at the start by saying Yalla Yalla ! ( come on in Arabic)
Louise reminded me so strongly of my best friend – Myriam Jawhari – a talented architect in Paris now.

That same spontaneity – a foot in mature adulthood but keeping the playfullness of childhood, something too many adults ditch.
Plus Louise is a pianist – and so is Myriam ( even if she doesnt make a living from it).

It was very refreshing !

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2 Responses to Tourist Stuff and Encounters

  1. It’s me, Louise!! That bubbly personality writing back. Thanks so much for your more that kind words. You are such an amazing soul, to this day we still delight in having met you.

    We took many photos, and wrote daily journals about our 10 week adventure. Should you wish to see or read any part of our journey, please let us know. In fact, I might post my journal on my piano website.

    Meanwhile, Montreal is relatively close considering….so please remember that we have a guest room our friends and family enjoy using for a couple of days when they come over.

    Hugs xox

    • Malika says:

      It was a pleasure meeting you too!
      It is not falling in deaf ears …so you may see me sooner than later – I have very fond memories of Montreal!

      I woud be very curious to read about your adventures absolutely!

      Keep in touch – you have my email!

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