Relativiy of “Nothingness” and “Boringness” and light entertainment.

Adelaide via the great Ocean road.

Rain again, storms.

Even when the sun shone , it rained;

A storm so big I had to turn back from Cap Ottaway .

I never saw rain so think strong  – buckets from heaven.

Once again I should not listen to guide book or Info centre.

According to them from the 12 Apostles the road is boring.

Ok – until the 12 apostles you get  windy road just like highway one, so I  can’t really look around.Yes beautiful cliffs and dramatic landscape and the 100 of Lookout points to stop at – some with car parks so huge I am surprised they haven’t thought of charging for them yet.

The 12 apostles and Massacre bay ( what a name… albeit secondary)  are amazing – you have to give them that.But for some reason I dislike the ” look out signs and the buses etc….As if there is no surprise anymore, especially if  there are pictures of them everywhere.

Teh beauty of having rain though ….Rainbows again and again …. and those with wires !

The koala walk had one Koala. Deeply asleep – and he woke up by my lens click.

I loved the road afterwards.

I had no snail ahead of me, no truck I couldn’t overtake, it was straight – along the coast.

The landscape was beautiful in its own way , changing colours as the sun was changing ( and yes i did get sunshine on the day! unlike the day from Melbourne to  the 12 apostles and Port Campbell)

I stopped at Meningie, exhausted ….

I wish I knew I was only 1 km from a Aboriginal weaving centre… by aborigines people…Somehow I was guided, but blind.

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