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Full Circle.Golden.

A latitude is a circle around the Globe. I happen to draw 2. When I met Lieneke, she wrote : Nice to meet you, it was the golden circle round the sun today. Incidently last name happen to bne homonymous to … Continue reading

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A story of light

This project started with a question. The question of  light. After living for a long time in the UK, and going to LOs angeles, a familiarity in the way light was hitting objects led me to find out that Los … Continue reading

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6h50 am

Thursday 12/04/2-12 at 6h50 am Friday 13/04/2012 at 6h58

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34: Malibu/USA  – Cable Bay/NZ – Temara/Morocco           

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Cervantes, Pinnacles, Skhour Marrakchi

Latitude 34 in Australia left me with one frustration. In my mind , Australia was a lot about Desert. Somehow latitude 34 in Australia avoids all desert! The desert has a special place in my heart – that space where … Continue reading

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Sky light and Street lights

I havent seen the moon often, thanks to mostly cloudy nights, and I have missed 2 full moon because of that. This was the night before I left Perth

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Since on this project – I have been “snapping”  a lot. Something I havent really done so much in the past – usually being very sparse and controlled about what I picture. I never used to take  alot of shots … Continue reading

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Home – a concept that opens the door to a possible Return.

I reached my last coastline at 34.02 and leaving Australia tomorrow. Time to go home? But what is home? This year I have resigned the luxury of such term, for this particular project. I mean by that I am only … Continue reading

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At the right time, with the right sun angle hitting the asphalt, I was driving on roadstars, a carpet of stars. I was in a spaceship – or aladin’s carpet  

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Nature’s Point Painting

Nature’s point painting. In fact there  is abstract art all over australia…colours and shapes entwined. I shall revise my  post about ochres and reds, as grey and greens are prominent too on latitude 34. Even more so considering I had … Continue reading

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