Cervantes, Pinnacles, Skhour Marrakchi

Latitude 34 in Australia left me with one frustration.

In my mind , Australia was a lot about Desert.

Somehow latitude 34 in Australia avoids all desert!

The desert has a special place in my heart – that space where time is suspended, where silence speaks, where the wind talks and morphs into life.

I couldn’t resort leavingwithout at elates having a bit of it.

I am falling here for the me I want syndrome…Oops.

I decided to drive north of Perth , make a little detour to see what they call the Pinnacle desert.

I arrive in servants expecing heat – there was a heat wave indeed, until the day I arrived where it had cooled a lot and even rained!

Of course I did get one of the many rainbows I had in Australia.

That aside, I was a bit surprised that all round it didn’t looklike desert at all, very bushy in fact and green.

I head to the pinnacles at 5 am to see it at dawn.

The pinnacle Desert is a playground, “une carriere” , 4 km circumference , with standing stones,   human hight.

Not the giants rocks I was expecting nor a desert.

Here are some pictures, but they are a little misleading.

And they had that deck and ” wheelchair” accessible deck to look at them…


Not only there is a drive party  going around the 4 km circumference and now the platform?

Its like a circus.


They are nice for what they are but definitely not a desert and not wild enough for me.

Not like Skhour near Marakech in Morocco!

These are nice wild rocks, left wild and to themselves in the Atlas mountains .We can see them when heading via the Motorway t o Marakech.

I have to go and make my own pictures of them as I cant even find any online.

Incidently both  are at around + 31 and  -30.554 Latitude.

This leads me to wonder about this intrinsic need we humans, to link and compare.

Or is it just me?

I don’t think so , I may have a predilection for it and for numbers  – yet I think we all to a degree do it.

Meshing webs of meaning and souvenirs with  the seen.

Why don’t we look at something just as it is? perhaps because outré understanding of the world is made precisely with what we have learnt, seen  and experienced.

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