Austria Calling

Austria is not on latitude 34.

During these past months, it has been poking me, as if to say – I am part of you too.

I dont feel much Austrian, I didnt grow up there neither do I have full command of german language.

I do feel like a stranger when I go ” home” to the holiday family house.

But there are warm feelings associated with the mountains, certain foods, the very special scent of grass over there, the mountain air.

Myriam, my childhood best friend had altready sughgeted this  last autumn, claiming this journey is as much about numbers, lines, a journey around the globe  as an intrinsic relationship about myself and my history.

In New Zeanland , the lansdcape has been reminding me a lot of Austria.

I had also met an incredible amount of people that had something to do with Austria, either Austrian, half Austrian, with children in Austria, collegues of my mother at the Austrian embassy, vanille kipferln and linzer torte in Australian bakeries, kaiser rolls, Chocolate bananas and Pez in New zealand .

I have made a stop to Austria, in between Latitude 34 episode.

Here I see a route 66 Sign – amongst other souvenirs.

What were the odds,  I am here in a remote village in the mountains.

There again, it pulls a string to this project – Routee 66 being the very start of my journey on Latitude 34.

It has probably to do with the old timers race up the mountain that takes place every year – but it is allowing me once again  to stitch threads together

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2 Responses to Austria Calling

  1. You spoke a lot about Austria when you were here. So pleased you got back to there again.

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