Imaginary lines

Imaginary lines.

Our imagination creates ideas.

Ideas Matter.

The pursuit of ideas and ideals matter.

It certainly did for me on this project – within a week I was on the road.

This project was started with a question, datas linked together and through action and emotion turned into artistic endeavour and a life changing experience.

I wasnt the only one working out Carolina beach was right across from Rabat.


What were  the odd , that someone living on the other side wondered the same question.

Jeremy Markovich, from Carolina beach happened to have started a blog about that too, and has written a wonderful article in Our State Magazine.

This journey is about imaginary lines,  the purely geometric, geographic, and all the other abstract , non tangible.

It is about the trail and traces, about us as humans,  ” beings” in the world, connected.

Those links created between cultures, people I connected with along the way,  have opened a few new windows in my brain to understand and experience the world in a new way  and at he same time grow closer to my roots and wanting to investigate them further, through the similarities and differences I have found with some remote and unlikely places.

One leitmotiv is also poetry. The poetry of two persons from two cities across the ocean, wondering about the other side, at the same time.

I have also happened to have been in Carolina beach at a time where Jeremy was there too.

Throughout this journey, I try to lend a bit of poetry to that which is mundane, overlooked, taken for granted  and keep that inquisitive and excited child like mind, the one that wonders what is on the other side of the ocean …

 Facing Rabat


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