Another Rain Spell

In Australia I felt cursed by the rain…

It followed me everywhere. I diverted my course down to Melbourne, wich wasnt on 34 but the roads through wagga wagga region were flooded and closed.I was told I was blessed as I brought the first rain of the year in the west coast to every town I went.

Here in Japan, same scenario – although we are in rainy season. Yet I didnt expect those torrents of rain !

It pourred non stop in Osaka and was very stormy , and dark muggy and grey  in Kyoto which made it very difficult.And it will continue for a long time after Osaka…..

I felt the sky was very low, heavy and the air pressure extremely tiring. The air humidity made it feel like in stepping in the bathroom after one had a shower.

It didnt deter me to cycle around Osaka, and do like the local do: cycling with an umbrella

In Osaka I learnt Hunderwasser – who is Austrian ( here is another Austrian poke) and whom I love since an early age.

I love his dislike fo the straight line, and his bright happy colours.Having had a few prints of him in my fathers office and our home may have helped.

He had exiled himself in Kawa Kawa in New Zeland ‘s bay of Island.

It ties all too well in 34.

I had seen a poster if his while walking towards a shrine in Kyoto …a door half open

He built Maishima Sludge centre and an inceneration plant

It is located in a terribly ugly area, yet with the lovly sounding Maishima island( anything with island sounds glamourous to me, island freak!

and the Mop, Maishima incenartion plant.

It was a mission to get there before leaving ion the afternoon. It rained sooo heavily and i had to take a very infrequent bus after  two train changes. Upon arriving I could barely see it! and closer wasnt much better. What a shame as it had vibrant colours on a sunny day. I supposed it made for unsusual pictures of it!

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1 Response to Another Rain Spell

  1. I was surprised by the Hundertwasser link. Thrilling. Fog does have a strong, enigmatic effect on a place and your photos capture that.

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