What we wish for and determination

On my journey on Latitude 34 theer was often a great frustration.A recurrent one. The one of being stuck in a car driving – in a bubble – while going through space and time – as it is really on this journey on Latitude 34.

I am a keen cyclist and there is a proprioceptive element in cycling , one that feels the distance, the elemnets, the temperatures, the exhaustion, the exhilaration, the irritation, the agony, the euphoria ( admittedly mainly in the descents ).

As I drove through the US,NZ, Australia, I often felt I wished I did cycle this – smell the flowers, felt the heat , felt the rain ( although considering the amount of rain I have had I may not have gone far)I wished of a more proprioceptive experience of the distance, one I woudl feel in my flesh, sweat, and emotions, as cycling takes you through a whole raindow of those.

In Morocco I have been struck by how many cyclist there are in the south, in very remote areas, sometimes wondering where they came from and where they are going as there wasn’t anything 30 or 40 km behind or ahead!

In Japan, I didnt drive.

It brought its frustrations – ie the freedom loss, like not roaming around the remote areas, the traditional or more rural japan.

On this journey – I make a point to find 34.02 coastlines. The same coastline as Rabat and Los Angeles, which were the starting point of this project.

In Japan, I was facing a problem, None of 34.02 was easily accessible, nor on the train route, thanks to a very complex coastline and cluster of islands that make Japan.

There was Imabari – or a little south of Imabari – on Shikoku Island.

To get  ther efrom Hirsoshima where I was was going to be tough and convoluted.I heard of The Shimanami Kaido, a cycling routed linking Honshu to Shikoku going through a set of islands.

It didnt take me long to bit eto the idea, and I didnt want to research whether it was a good or bad idea.

There was a little opening in the weather – a day or two without torrential rain I was told. I was headed there.

The journey was 76 km, then a further 10 to get to where I wanted to go.

There was markers on the road to kindly remind you how far is destination.

I hired a bike, a push bike, partly deflated, rusty.I was happy.

 The bike – half way through – in Setoda.


I cursed at times, wondering why did I get myself into this!  there were hills, and heat – the sun decided to shine to its max that day!


Some of the bridges were daunting – seeing them in the distance and thinking – oh god this is only the second out of the 5 I have to overcome!


Trees: It is amazing how much relief, breeze and cool a little cluster of trees gives you when its hot!  Yes cylcing reconnects you with the little things in life, simple joy of a tree breeze!

This was maybe one the toughest bike ride I did, as it was by myself, very hot, rusty bike and I had to arrive before the bike shop closed on the other side!

The satisfaction  however was priceless…

I have some nice shots of what 34.-2 is in Japan .

Here I look north towards the islands I have just cycled through to get here.

I also did get to see cute little towns, beaches ( although I woudlnt swim in any of them), become darker than dark and have a full day of sun before it disppeared and didn’t come back before my departure from Japan.


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  1. The idea of a cycle track linking islands – fabulous.

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