When passing through places, time and space on the 34 degrees journey – I was constantly exhausted.In Japan, I was told me that the tiredness is proportional to the distance travelled. I wonder what makes us so tired when going through  distance and also time. Be it if I drive, take the train, long distance bus or the plane.The latter seems to take it out of me more on short hauls, and the bus is the one i found the less tiring.


I have a question: how do I see dawn, make the most of the day, see dusk and see night lights to fulfil a hunger to see the world from all angles!

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2 Responses to Tired?

  1. It’s probably something to do with your biological “clock”that regulates your body, which is out of kilter. “Jet lag” is the most obvious example.

    • Malika says:

      Yes, that’s one reason.But not always, in China surprisinly enough, there was no time difference between the various places….even if there was 1500km between two points, east and west of each other…!

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