Beautiful faces of China

As a photographer I have always found it extremely hard to photograph people in the streets. I come from a country, Morocco where it is very much frowned upon.Or it was.there is also a discrepancy between the ractions if it is a man, a woman , a tourist that takes the picture.

In the south, and countryside some people belive having their photo taken takes their soul.Their reactions can range from fear and run to agression.

It has scared me from an early age.I dont count the times I was verbally abused.

In China for the first time, I managed to make some decent people photos.

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4 Responses to Beautiful faces of China

  1. indiginz says:

    Hi Malika, I grew up the same way. I always ‘feel’ it when someone is uncomfortable with their photos being taken and I always respect that. Because a lot of people photography is exploitive (just my opinion) So I ask before I snap shots. Times are changing too. The younger generation love their photos being taken haha.
    Good to catch up on your travels

    • Malika says:

      Respect is the word. I personnaly dont like my photo taken, so I guess I project that too.Yet there is a great skill to learn in capturing the essence of a person , without them posing…
      Interesting what you say about the young generation, I think it is true when you know them.

  2. I remember your reluctance, so I took photos of you taking photos.

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