People live in the street and parks – I loved that aspect of china.A very social thing.

(bar obvioulsy when it is a public toilet.)

A far cry form the now very sad, no ball play , no grouping of teenagers ( which I understand because England ( I am not sure about the rest of Europe) has areal problem with youth attitude .

I feel fortunate to have grown up in a country where we could play ball in the middle of the street ! and a ball sometimes made of rolled up and taped up paper!

We didnt have all the facilituies others have in Europe yet we had fun and didnt trash everything!

Society comes together in the street – in some way ( and get on each other’s way on another!). People play card, sleep sit and gather outside, kids play, but the most interesting and what I loved the most is the use of parks.They become a gym, a aerobic playground, a disco, you name it.It was mainly at night when the temperature cooled a little – not much, but at least it was more bearable.

In the darkness it was hard to photograph but it was wonderful to witness.
It brought to me the question of home…second home.and I wondered if knowing that families here, the modest and more poor strata of society live in crowded houses , if the street doesn’t  become this second home.


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  1. Bill Chance says:

    Interesting text and great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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