Sand dunes


Take a guess for those two pictures?

One has strong colours, the vibrant colours of Morocco.The second one? The subtle, soft colours of ….Japan!

The first one has not touaregs but Japanese tourists sitting atop the dune waiting, like me, for the sunrise.

In Japan, I had heard of Tottori Sand dunes, I had to go and check that out! I am also always threading strings together between Morocco , Austria and the countries on Latitude 34. Japan is the country of the rising sun, Morocco is the country of the Setting sun.They both have sand dunes! They both are very fussy and elaborate with their cuisine.I can go on but I come back to my dunes! Those who know me know I have a soft spot for the desert and the sea.

That day, the rain spared me, but you can still see the pattern it had left on the dunes! It made it also easier to walk on them. Japan is really the country of pastel colours, or so it was for me during the summer months, with almost always a white sky and haze, if not grey and raining. I see Japan as a diptyque. One side in pastel colours, of pink, green, greys and browns, with teh occasional petrol blue.The other side? pop fluo bright colours of the Manga, Harakuju, neon lights.

Tottori consisted on a couple of Huge sand dunes, really big ones facing the sea.It was such an unusual sight and they brought a camel to make it look more like a desert.( I wonder if that was not inspired by the tourism to Morocco, as those tourists were taken to the dunes aboard a camel.) The camel however had to be Japanese style : Kawai!

I couldnt find a better place to add one shot to the serie i am working on relating to culture and identity, wearing a Moroccan pattern top, a japanese trousers in the style of a moroccan trousers, in dunes that look like the desrt in Morocco, in Japan.

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2 Responses to Sand dunes

  1. The colours in the sand-dune portraits are unbelievable. How can you make such a ‘painting’ out of a view? Sand-dunes and sea are marriage partners for me – North Cornwall and West coast North Island.

    • Malika says:

      The timing was very good , the first was at 5 am which meant waking up a 3h30 as it took over an hour to get there.
      The second one was one of the few days without rain in Japan but an overcast sky – and in late afternoon there was a sort of pastel like tint. Japan felt very pastel ….
      You just reminded me…I have seen dunes in NZ too!! and you said : this is our desert!

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