Sand dunes part 2

I have just remembered that there is another place that had a hint  of a desert.

Not Australia as it has more than a hint of it! And latitude 34 manages to avoid most of the Australian desert.

I am talking about  NZ.NZ has the 90 miles beach , with Giant sand dunes where people go on rides. I didn’t do that that way, as I have a reticence against ” touristic attractions, done in the touristic way” and I woudln’t have been able to take the camera without wrecking it!

Terence who lives in Ahipara took me on a fantastic drive on the beach. I told him about my love for the desert and he said : this is our desert, showing me a very special part of the Northlands.We drove on the rocks – yes I never thought it would be possible to drive on rocks but they do that there! there is even a 10km speed limit !

It is only accessible at low tide. It was a wonderful experience.

The sky was moody, on and off  grey, there was a bit of wind and mist. Which made for unusual pictures of the area, often blue sky and very bright.




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3 Responses to Sand dunes part 2

  1. indiginz says:

    I love it up North. Agree about the touristy thing but you can do anything in NZ without feeling like a tourist, by finding a local to show you around (-:

  2. These pictures capture what is the one place closest to my heart. Thanks, Malika.

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