All over the Moon

I have just realized that the opening of the show falls on full moon. This means a lot to me.

I am in love with the moon. I think far more than the sun.

I wonder why? because I do like the sun too – in fact its precisely the lack of sunshine that is driving me away from England.

The sun is  predictable, comes up east , sets west. The clouds that hide it a lot less. the moon on the other hand is far less predictible. It comes up at night time, day time, different places, it changes shape, it keeps me on  my toes, entertained. The sun too with its magnificent sunrises and sunsets I have to admit, and I do prefer sunrises over sunsets. They are the start of the day, as opposed to an end of it.

There is something subtle about the moon, not as flamboyant as the sun, with a touch of melancolia that I love.

Here are a collection of the latitude 34 moons !

 Ok this one isnt latitude 34 but I love it!

I end it on a poem found in Kyoto:


Though the moon shines all ver the world,

Leaving no corner in darkness

Only those who gaze at the moon apreciate its serene light.

Rev KS Iwata

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1 Response to All over the Moon

  1. Keith Beange says:

    “The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand.”
    — Frederic Lawrence Knowles

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