The eyes, those special windows.

The eyes are our window to the world , but they are also a window to ourselves. We see through them. What we see is then translated to our brain through our filters, therefore what we see has already gone through a process – the one of our mind. What is reality then, what is the truth so many think they own.  That is another territory.

Equally when we look at someone, we see so much in the look of their eyes! as if we have a peak into their soul, their thoughts.

Like the skin, it has this  inherent dual inside outside, other and self quality.

I love looking at the eyes of those I meet, especially when they are very expressive.I was told recently that mine are very expressive  – probably because I wear my heart on my sleeve and have this thing called passion. It is interesting to look back at photos, isolate eyes and see what look we had in them.


About Malika

Visual Artist - Story teller - Outdoor enthousiast - Lady Yellow
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