South Africa

Back in autumn I felt a strong call for Mamma Africa.

I was reminiscing my trip to Senegal 16 years ago, where I went to a small fisherman village near St louis, lived with the locals, with only a tap outside for water , no electricity or fridge or shower. Oh and I had my cat with me, I had found no one to look after it while away..! It was a wonderful experience. I do remember however feeling like a cow – ie I was always surrounded by flies, which after a while I forgot about.  I remember the people, the social apsect, the strong smells, good and bad.

As my friend David said, I nearly overshot myself to Antartica and I ended in South Africa on th  the 7th of January.

South Africa is on Latitude 34 , it all makes sense.

I land in Cape town, its raining a lot. Very unusual for the season I am told. Of course , I had heard it all before in Australia where I had rain everyday. It wasn’t such a bad thing, I was sick as a dog, I took a plane with sore throat and fever – it took me over 3 days to get a little over it. Thank you London!

1013658_10152477203656102_1183996081_n Green Point Rain

At first it doesnt feel like africa in Cape town, not the Africa I have in mind. Its very white too and very very clean in the city. However it is extremely friendly, and I have not got a sense of insecurity like so many talk about. I don’t think I am naive either.

But it has that special light in sunset with silhouettes of palm trees, araucarias that scream home land and latitude 34!

Sunset with palm trees and araucarias

I have only just started, we shall see.


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