Here to another kind of flying, to latitude, to numbers and a link with Morocco again.

I learnt to kitesurf this week end.
Kite surfing is also a kind of flying.

I am hooked, but only in warm waters.

Cannon Rocks is admittedly only 33.75 Latitude but close enough to 34.
Interestingly Henry Smith who taught me and had an incredible patience, told me that the first videos he saw of Kitesurfing were made in Morocco.

Cedric who I pictured a few times and who also kitesurfs at Cannon Rocks said that one of his first videos made in Cannon rocks was titles Latitude 33.75.

All random and yet connected, and how I ended up in this small town was just like I do, pick a spot on the map radomly on my line.


IMG_9066 IMG_9073 copy IMG_9080 copy IMG_9081 copy IMG_9108 copy IMG_9110 copy IMG_9135 IMG_9137 copy


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