From playful to meaningful

Yellow has become a trademark colour ( just in case you didn’t notice), it has become a part of my identity ( or it may have been for a while, unconsciously)

The same way the project Latitude 34 took over my life on many levels, following an imaginary line around the globe, linking my place of birth to a city I wanted to call home, and the number of years I was on this planet.

Most ideas I have in terms of personal work stem from the topics spawned on the journey, namely home, culture, identity, how they are entwined, can dictate, hinder, enhance one or the other, where we are and where we are going. The yellow line, the yellow shoes became as much playful as they were meaningful.

01 - The yellow trip a self portrait -- Mojave desert  autoportrait

The Yellow trip – a self portrait

Stand out from the barcode

Do what you have to do- stand out from the bar code


photo 2

02.Japanese garden

Japanese garden

Kalk Bay self portrait



I have my blue moments too – then its time to get the antidote, a dose of loving yellow.

Interestingly the deeper I get in the project, the more that line, those yellow shoes became intrinsically related to my identity, the more what I encountered was a reflection, a metaphor of what was going on in my life. I have to stress that as an artist, life isn’t separated from the creative process. At all.

Recently South Africa there was no central yellow line. It was on the side. It happens to be a time in my life where a direction I thought was certain, a line was nicely centered and directed all of a sudden vanished, in fog.

I didn’t like the thought of staying on the side line either.IMG_9820-2 copy

There are a few options: I could make my line, paint it obviously.

IMG_9864 copy

IMG_9871 copy

It wasn’t very convenient because cars were all the time coming and as you all know, I am as much solo on my journey as I am shooting my photographs. The wind didnt help either.

I tried another way but my line went flying.

IMG_9719 .02

Flying did I say? Maybe this FLY is the key term, a recurrent one and one I thought will be the identity of 2014. I also only painted and traced the lines behind me….uhhh …that I know, and i never like to go back the past…its the one ahead I need to trace! I can only find out once I keep going, and it may not be ahead but up!

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