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For the love of language

Words in the air, on the tongue, are like clouds in the sky. Fluffy, dark, soft, fast or slow and immobile, silent, thundery, shouted , murmured, laughed.  I love words and I love clouds. “A special kind of beauty exists which … Continue reading

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Beautiful faces of China

As a photographer I have always found it extremely hard to photograph people in the streets. I come from a country, Morocco where it is very much frowned upon.Or it was.there is also a discrepancy between the ractions if it … Continue reading

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People live in the street and parks – I loved that aspect of china.A very social thing. (bar obvioulsy when it is a public toilet.) A far cry form the now very sad, no ball play , no grouping of … Continue reading

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Lianyungang – or as close to 34.02 as possible.

Shanghai was my first port of entry. But it is not on latitude 34. I had to head up North, searching for 34.02 coastline. The closest place  to it  I did get to was Lianyungang. It was 10 or 20 km … Continue reading

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Exposed bellies,spitting and other very “different” manners in China, why does it seem to be secret knowledge?

On this journey I went to China, admittedly I didnt read guidebooks and tried to stay free of ” preconceptions” – but I read  when I arrived there after a few days trying to find answers. Most countries have their … Continue reading

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