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Signs and Symbols.

I have always been fascinated by the idea that humans have developped complexe languages,sounds that articulate ideas and feelings, along with scripts and symbols to convey, translate those sounds. Humans have been very creative and diverse at this exercise. During the … Continue reading

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Gingko Yellow

I really love yellow, a happy colour. It became Latitude 34 colour – thanks to the yellow line on the roads! I often get smiles from those I cross on my path when I wear my yellow jacket, and even … Continue reading

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The Magic of Light

What we see is a combination of light and shadows.In fact our vision is a result of bouncing light. Upon looking at what  tend to capture on my way on this journey – it is most often about the light … Continue reading

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Latitude 34 Exhibition in Atlanta

Latitude 34 Photography by Malika Sqalli  WhiteSpec at Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta In Latitude 34, Austrian-Moroccan photographer Malika Sqalli illuminates the cultural life of cities with a shared characteristic: their position on the thirty-fourth latitude. During a stay in Los Angeles while she … Continue reading

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Sand dunes part 2

I have just remembered that there is another place that had a hint  of a desert. Not Australia as it has more than a hint of it! And latitude 34 manages to avoid most of the Australian desert. I am … Continue reading

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For the love of language

Words in the air, on the tongue, are like clouds in the sky. Fluffy, dark, soft, fast or slow and immobile, silent, thundery, shouted , murmured, laughed.  I love words and I love clouds. “A special kind of beauty exists which … Continue reading

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A niche, a home.

Home, and what it means to us has been one of the  questions that I have ben asking myself during this journey. I used to think of the cliché, one feels at home anywhere if we are at peace within. … Continue reading

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34.02 Revisited

Ok so here are my 34.02 coastlines so far, with a little leeway with my Chinese one, where I am looking towards 34, behind the ships. For those who didnt follow , the root of this project lay in that … Continue reading

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Beautiful faces of China

As a photographer I have always found it extremely hard to photograph people in the streets. I come from a country, Morocco where it is very much frowned upon.Or it was.there is also a discrepancy between the ractions if it … Continue reading

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People live in the street and parks – I loved that aspect of china.A very social thing. (bar obvioulsy when it is a public toilet.) A far cry form the now very sad, no ball play , no grouping of … Continue reading

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