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Taking pictures of people – stealing pictures

I was asked in regards to Latitude 34 show at the CDG whether I take any pictures of people along my way. I do, but not as often as I would like to. I also had to pick a coherent … Continue reading

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Beautiful faces of China

As a photographer I have always found it extremely hard to photograph people in the streets. I come from a country, Morocco where it is very much frowned upon.Or it was.there is also a discrepancy between the ractions if it … Continue reading

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People live in the street and parks – I loved that aspect of china.A very social thing. (bar obvioulsy when it is a public toilet.) A far cry form the now very sad, no ball play , no grouping of … Continue reading

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Since on this project – I have been “snapping”  a lot. Something I havent really done so much in the past – usually being very sparse and controlled about what I picture. I never used to take  alot of shots … Continue reading

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