Your Input Matters!


I either met you along my way, in the USA, Morocco , NZ, Australia, or at a show of the work of Latitude 34.

As part of the project , I would like to include the feedback and all those threads weaved along the path.

All those I have met and their outlook is an important part of the project, all tools to weave with, data to hyperlink.

I am inviting you to share, write about your first reaction when hearing  about  the project, seeing the work if you have and / or our encounter.

A couple of words or many – superficial lighthearted or deeper and critical – they are your words and your insights .
There is always many outlooks to an artwork, the one of the artist, the one of the viewers, to me they are equally rich.

You can do so on WordPress, Facebook or by email, signed or anonymous.

Your input matters.

Those encounters have been very rich. I would love to keep a trace in your own words, some of which have already led me to create some art work!

I hope I can convince you to do so as it is a very important part of the creative process and of this journey – and a great monitoring one too.

I will start going through the emails and feedbacks on Fcaebook and uploading a few :
to me, photo is about composition more than fancy cameras and
filters…that’s why this is another great one from Malika
Steve Harmon  – Carmel California
Nice to meet you, it was the golden circle round the sun today.
Lieneke – in KeriKeri NZ From Netherland
 You are one of those people not merely on a commercial basis but rather showing the art so that people can appreciate the splendour of this diverse country.
Denis met on the plane to Los angeles, from Australia.
 It was so lovely meeting such an interesting, brave and inspirational individual.  If we have inspired you then I return the complement and inform you that you  have indeed inspired me…I want to travel again (and definitely to
 Morocco) and regain my adventurous spirit.  How brave you are just
 getting in your little car and heading off into the unknown!
Roslyn – Canberra 
 We met you at Roma Marae in Ahipara, New Zealand. I think the whole idea of Latitude 34 is an intriguing way of experiencing and showing the inter-connectedness of our global community. Who could possibly have imagined that two Texans would meet a young Moroccan in the bush of New Zealand. How wonderful. How strange. How delightful.
You told the ladies of the Marae that you had been through Texarkana. You recognized the Hand of Fatima on my necklace. We spent a wonderful day together. You are now connected to us, in a manner of the new TV show, Touch, by Kiefer Sutherland…..
Linda met in Ahipara NZ From Texarkana ( which was on my way in the USA)

2 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Diane Cockerill says:

    Malika! What a fascinating blog — I look forward to keeping up with your adventures and hope to always see you when you are in Los Angeles! I have already learned so much from you and I admire your photographic eye!

  2. Barry R Keller says:

    Rosemarie and Barry Keller

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