Full Circle.Golden.

A latitude is a circle around the Globe.

I happen to draw 2.

When I met Lieneke, she wrote : Nice to meet you, it was the golden circle round the sun today.

Incidently last name happen to bne homonymous to Golden thread.

So I am going round in circle.

Literally and metaphorically.

During this journey – obviously the encounter of many cultures/ people/ landscape is a paradigm.

However I rediscover and have become more curious of my own, by this process of linking, comparing and relating therefore going full circle.

The world is holding a mirror and showing lost angles, casting a light in shadows.

In New Zealand, Austria is screaming at me….my other half , as if it wanted to be part of the journey too.

The Northland has a feel of Austria, with a  bit of Morocco in the shape of Palm trees and the sea thrown amongst very lush Alpine landscapes.

It has also poked me via all the Austrians I have met alpong my ay here and in Australia, sometimes the odd person I woudl talk to after hours of silence and driving , happened to be Austrian.


 This could be Austria, but it is in Northlands.

About Malika

Visual Artist - Story teller - Outdoor enthousiast - Lady Yellow
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