Here is elsewhere

Here is elsewhere – Ici c’est ailleurs

Are we ever in the present – are we ever in the now?

I once was told a very beautiful line: yesterday is history,  tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift.That is why it is called a the present.

When I go places on latitude 34 I find myself very hungry for discovery, yet at the same time I seem to always relate what I see what I feel to something I know, bringing it  somehwere else. Or thinking about what I can do here, how i can turn it into something either tangible or through experience. What I will write about it, and also where I have to head to from here sometimes as you know my journey is often done fast. Does that make me not live in the now, the present? not necessarily but here and now is also elsewhere, even if that elsewhere can be the mind we live in. This other space of and in us.

The gaze up in the sky or over the horizon sends us places too, at the same time here and elsewhere, the same way as looking at an art work that touches us can send us many different places in the future present or sideways.

Pastel - Malibu

That is not even touching on the screen you are looking at.


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